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Personal Training

Join Liza for a customised exercise programme that is tailor-made to suit your individual aims and requirements. The initial session is an assessment based exercise class in which we look at your posture, biomechanics, strength and flexibility. We may also assess cardiovascular fitness and measure body weight, body fat and tape dimensions, depending on your goals. The results of your assessment are used to create a programme that is unique to you and that specifically targets your goals in light of your body’s particular strengths and weaknesses.

Goals can include fat loss, strength building, toning, cardiovascular conditioning, bone building, balance, coordination, stress-reduction, pre- and post-natal fitness, and overall physical and emotional well-being.

The phfitness studio has a wide range of equipment for developing strength, for improving cardiovascular fitness, for addressing posture and alignment, for challenging stability and balance, for improving proprioception and bone density, and for providing varied and interesting workouts. Liza can also advise on healthy eating habits to aid weight loss.